AdamI'm an instructional technologist, English PhD, poet, and explorer of new media.

My doctoral research concerned modernist authors' use of transitional settings (dreamscapes, the sea, the dinner table, and more) to challenge social hierarchies and redraw the boundaries of the individual. In a similar spirit, I'm interested in pushing the formal boundaries of scholarship beyond the limitations of the traditional essay. Digital tools such as video allow us to meditate on the materiality of subjects, generating knowledge beyond what argumentative prose can express. Here you can find my latest experiments in video poetry and scholarship in non-traditional forms.

I developed my interest in technology's applications to pedagogy while teaching literature and writing at UNC-Chapel Hill and working in the Studio for Instructional Technology in English Studies (SITES). My students experimented with new media, pursued custom research topics, and participated in an online peer-review process that spanned several networked classes. To give these students real venues for presentation, I collaborated with a team of teachers to organize the People, Ideas, and Things (PIT) Conference for undergraduate research. You can read some of our students' insightful work in the affiliated PIT Journal. PIT continues to demonstrate that it's never too early for students to make meaningful contributions to their disciplines and their communities.

Adam J. Engel

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A node of the "Rhetorical Carpentry" performance at Computers and Writing 2016 in Rochester, NY: