Career Industry Survey Reflection

My top three results from the Career Industry Survey were:

1) Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications
2) Education and Training
3) Human Services

This survey ‘s results corresponded fairly well with my actual career and preferences: I enjoy pedagogical roles (teaching as well as training) in higher ed settings, especially when they involve problem-solving with technology or facilitating digital humanities projects. Sounds like the small arts/communications school I work at is a great fit for me! However, I’m not entirely clear on what this survey has to do with ISD.

Regarding my impression of ISD, I definitely see the points of overlap and disjunction between corporate and higher-ed contexts, and how these points would determine the type of ISD model used in each situation. Am I correct in thinking that the difference between ISD and models like ADDIE is one of hierarchy or scope? In other words, ADDIE is one type of model that falls under the ISD umbrella, and the ISD umbrella shares certain overarching characteristics such as being iterative, requiring formative and summative evaluation, and requiring the roles of designers, developers, and SMEs (either separately or combined). The Dick and Carey model would then be another, thought slightly different, version of ISD. If I’m understanding correctly, where would Rapid/AGILE design fit into this structure? Is it a model unto itself like ADDIE, or is it more of an umbrella theory like ISD?

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