LDT 300x: Instructional Design: Digital Media, New Tools and Technology

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The digital media here support designers and instructors who are using a Learning Management System (LMS) and need to apply principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and digital accessibility to their courses. This is a real learning gap at many higher-ed institutions that lack the resources to address accessibility. All except the curated OER were created by me and are licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

I envision these assets placed in an open Canvas course containing four modules with the following topics: Multiple Means of Representation, Multiple Means of Action and Expression, Multiple Means of Engagement, and Digital Accessibility. The digital document “A PDF’s Quest for Accessibility” would be used as topic notes for the accessibility module; it’s a humorous way in to a challenging topic. This would be followed by the “Recognizing Recognizable PDFs” screencast, which can be used as an introduction to the remediation process, since it’s intended to prevent new remediators from undertaking impossible jobs. The “Breakfast with ITG!” flier would be used to model a graphical representation of information in the Representation module; learners would then be asked to create their own infographic. The “Enter a Due-Date” enhanced screenshot serves as a supporting graphic within the interactive module “Multiple Means of Representation in Canvas,” viewable below. If possible, I would use SCORM to associate its quiz with the Canvas gradebook. The first OER I’ve identified, “Open for Everyone,” serves as a UDL primer and would make an effective introductory resource during the course’s first week. The second OER, “Essential Accessibility for Everyone,” functions both as an accessibility textbook and a translation of complex workflows into digestible pieces that can be drawn on at least once in each of the course’s modules. Together, these digital assets form the interactive multimedia heart of what I hope would be an approachable and efficient exploration of best practices in Canvas.

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